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SEO is still the most cost-efficient way to drive more traffic to your website



SEO is still the most cost-efficient way to drive more traffic to your website. Other options such as pay-per-click and traditional advertising are much more expensive. To help our clients get a competitve edge, we are now offering an affordable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package. 


  • Our goal is to maximize the traffic to your site from the Search Engines such as Google and Bing.


  • We are offering our clients an affordable SEO strategy based on current best practices.
  • SEO is not a one-time fix - it requires an ongoing effort to maximize your search traffic.
  • We measure our success using online visitor statistics and provide regular reviews to see if we are reaching our objectives.

How it works:

Step 1. Determine your keyword search phrases

We work with you to determine your keyword search phrases. The we test them using the Google Keyword Planning Tool. Examples for my line of business are  "Toronto Web Design" and  "Toronto Web Developer".

Step 2. Optimize the text and tags on your pages to put emphasis on the keyword phrases

We ensure that your navigation, text and hidden meta tags are optimized to put emphasis on the keyword search phrases

Step 3. Make sure your organization is properly listed in Google My Business

This is critical for all types of business - it tells Google your location for Google Maps, hours of operation and how to categorize your business in the search results. We also help you manage your reviews and add more content to get the most from your Google listing.  

Step 4. Add the Google Analytics and Search Console tracking to get accurate statistics on your visitors

Google provides a wide variety of statistical tools on the useage of your site. These reports are complex and can be misleading.  We simplify and filter the data into a few actionable reports and follow up with a phone call to discuss. This is critical to all websites - Google now uses the Search Console to inform website owners of potential problems such as malware and to provide tips on how to improve their search results.

Step 5. We look for opportunities for incoming links

Links to your website are a major factor on how well you search. We will help you build quality incoming links from related web pages and from shared social network postings.

Step 6. Ensure that Google views your site as a mobile-friendly website

Google is now penalizing sites in the search results that are not mobile-friendly. We will ensure that your site passes the test and works well on mobile. Some of our sites are now getting over 40% of their traffic from tablets and smartphones. 

Step 7. Ongoing strategy to build and maintain your search rankings

We will work with you to develop an ongoing SEO strategy that could include such items as blog postings, social network sharing and  customer reviews (and more).